Shanghai Moocxing Technology Co., Ltd 

  • Moocxing provides the leading maker education programs for K12 students and college students. Based on the core teaching philosophy of ALL3 (ALL Programmable, ALL Downloadable, and ALL Open Source,) Moocxing has established the first hardware/software training camp on 3D printing and smart devices in Shanghai. Our  programs  offer the best practices in online/offline blended-learning: the online courses are taught by the experts in the fields and are equipped with ALL3 materials; the offline courses are offered in small classrooms where a student could interact with a teacher one-on-one. Combining the online courses and the offline courses, Moocxing's vision is to provide the best learning experience on STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics) education in China.

What is 'maker'

  • People who turns ideas into reality
  • People who master 3D printer, laser cutter, and embedded technology
  • People who understand mobile internet, cloud computing, and Internet of Everything
  • People who believe in that innovation and entrepreneurship is inside everyone
  • People who consolidate the knowledge of software, hardware, network, and industrial design

What is 'Mooxer'

  • Moocxing coins the term 'Mooxer' to refer to people who
  • get knowledge from MOOC (massive open online courses),
  • learn skills from blended learning,
  • obtain revenue by providing design service over Internet, and
  • contribute his/her personal experience back to the community of online education and open source.

Mooxer consolidates different roles into one identity

  •  MOOCer:   MOOC learner
  • Maker:    innovator of smart devices
  • Freelancer:  self-employed worker who pick up (crowsourcing) tasks over Internet
  • Witkey:  short for 'the key of wisdom', the term Witkey refers to problem solvers who offer advices, 

comments, or solutions to solution seekers over Internet
  • A  guru from newbie
  • An open source contributor
  • Lab-in-a-pocket owner

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